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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Public Service Memorial at City Hall

From the press release:

April 28, 2011

Mayor Lee Leffingwell and City Manager Marc Ott dedicated a permanent memorial exhibition at City Hall today in honor of fallen City employees.

The memorial honors 45 City of Austin employees including 20 police officers, nine firefighters, and employees from other City departments who lost their lives or were killed in the line of duty. Family members of the deceased and other supporters are expected to be in attendance.

“It is both a privilege and an honor to recognize the men and women whose service enhanced the lives of those in our community,” Mayor Lee Leffingwell said. “It is with great pride that we salute those fallen and thank their families for allowing them to serve the citizens of Austin.”

“I am so proud of the work our employees do every day,” City Manager Marc Ott said. “The importance of public service was not lost on these employees and this memorial will ensure their sacrifice is not lost on us. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to each family that lost one of their members as they were part of our family as well.”

The memorial exhibition was created by Retired Police Capt. John N. Vasquez, who was inspired to create a collection of unique carvings representing the professional duties of the individuals whose lives were taken while in the service of their city.

The exhibition features individuals employed with the City of Austin from the late 19th century to today. Visitors are invited to explore an interactive kiosk, which is provided in hopes of educating visitors about the impact of these employees’ unique contributions to the City, to celebrate their individual lives, and to pay tribute to their service to Austin’s residents.

“I hope this display will encourage visitors to learn more and become knowledgeable regarding the lives and sacrifices of these remarkable individuals and the contributions they made to the City of Austin,” Vasquez said. “I’m proud to present this display for all citizens’ enjoyment, and sincerely hope everyone will derive a similar sense of satisfaction in viewing this memorial as we have.”

Read more about the memorial here.

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  1. What an amazing tribute to them and honor Mr. Vasquez gave to them in his carvings. I haven't seen that done before. Thanks for sharing it with us.