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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Doug Sahm Memorial

Born on November 6, 1941 in San Antonio, Douglas Wayne Sahm made Texas music as no one has before or since. A true child prodigy on steel guitar, fiddle, and mandolin, Sahm picked up guitar and began his recording career playing country, rock & roll, blues, and Chicano. Sahm topped the rock charts in the Sir Douglas Quintet during the 60s with "She's About a Mover", "The Rains Came", and "Mendocino", songs that endure in Lone Star hearts. In the 70s, Sahm gave Texas country music a distinct edge that carried his reputation globally and helped put the Austin music scene on the map. In later years, he formed the first Tex-Mex super-group, the Grammy-winning Texas Tornados, further spreading the gospel of Texas music to the world. Doug Sahm, the real Texas Tornado and one first called "the State Musician of Texas,: died November 18, 1999, but his music inspires Austin eternally. As Sahm himself sang in "At the Crossroads," "You can't just live in Texas, if ya don't have a lot of soul."

From Arguendo & Dixi's Daily Austin Photo


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  1. Love history of all shapes and sizes and especially love places that celebrate it! :)