Arguendo and Dixi have been residents of Austin, TX for most of 20+ years. We have tons of pictures from our time spent here and continue to take pictures around town. Here we plan on showing a picture each day. We hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Open Room Austin

From the City of Austin website:

AIPP commissioned artist team, Rosario Marquardt and Roberto Behar (of Miami, FL and collectively known as R&R Studios) to design and construct Open Room Austin, a permanent public art installation for the mound at Sand Beach Park, as part of the Pfluger Bridge Extension CIP Project.
Open Room Austin was conceived as a social sculpture, a place of encounters and stage for everyday life and stories to unfold. The artists' design is an al fresco room surrounded by trees, featuring a long table with a delicate lace tablecloth, benches, and four tree-like chandeliers. It invites visitors to have a conversation, a moment of repose, or to wait for a friend in a space reminiscent of home. Appearing at once real and fantastic, familiar and unprecendented, a slice of domesticity in a public park - the installation is intended to dissolve boundaries between fiction and reality and limits between art and life, suggesting a sense of personal ownership to everyone involved with the event.

From Arguendo & Dixi's Daily Austin Photo


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