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Friday, August 5, 2011

Una Cancion de Fe y Familia

"Una Cancion de Fe y Familia" by Connie Arismendi is part of the Trail of Tejano Legends.

From the plaque:
Linked by their grandparents Don Luis and Don Tranquilino Perex, the Perex and Ramos families share a musical tradition spanning serveral generations. Ruben Rangel Perez, Ernest Rangel Perez, Ruben Ramos, and Alfonso Ramos each led their own acclaimed Tejano orquestras.After their military service, saxaphonist and band leader Ruben Perez formed a popular orquestra featuring local musicians. Ernest Perez performed in his brother's orquestra, led his own orquestra, and perfromed with other music groups.Alfonso Ramos was a saxophone player and lead singer known for his smooth voice and performance of boleros and ballads. Ruben Ramos played drums and sang with his brother's orquestra. Ruben established his own orquestra in the mid-1970's and has had an extremely successful career.Alfonso and Ruben Ramos were inducted into the Tejano Music Hall of Fame. Ruben is a multi-Grammy winner as a member of Los Super Seven, and as Ruben Ramos and The Mexican Revolution.

From Arguendo & Dixi's Daily Austin Photo


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