Arguendo and Dixi have been residents of Austin, TX for most of 20+ years. We have tons of pictures from our time spent here and continue to take pictures around town. Here we plan on showing a picture each day. We hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Threadgills is quintessential Austin. If you want good down-home cooking, this is the place to go. There are 2 locations in Austin. The one in this picture is located on North Lamar and there is the "World Headquarters" located on Riverside Drive. The food is great, the portions are huge, and even if no one is playing that night, the jukebox is one of the best around. Threadgills has been credited with starting the Austin music scene. Janice Joplin even waitressed here during the 60's and started her singing career at this location.

From Arguendo & Dixi's Daily Austin Photo

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