Arguendo and Dixi have been residents of Austin, TX for most of 20+ years. We have tons of pictures from our time spent here and continue to take pictures around town. Here we plan on showing a picture each day. We hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wall of Welcome Tiles - 1

Brentwood and Crestview are between Burnet Road and Lamar Blvd. Brentwood runs from 45th St. to Justin, and Crestview from Justin to Anderson Lane. Although part of Brentwood was developed earlier, in the mid-1950s most of this land was open, with few trees and some dairy and cotton farms. Lamar was originally called Georgetown Road or Dallas Highway, and Threadgill's was out beyond the city limits.

The rest of Brentwood and Crestview began to be developed after World War II. A.B. Beddow and Ray Yates developed Crestview, which included the Frank Rickcreek farm. In Brentwood, Clarence McCullough and Dr. Joe Koenig advertised lots in Violet Crown Heights as having "a beautiful view of the Violet Crown Hills."

From Crestview

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