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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wall of Welcome Tiles - 7

Crestview Shopping Center was developed by A.B. Beddow and Ray Yates. In 1952, it opened with a drug store, food mart, barber shop, dry cleaners, and A.B. Beddow's office. The beauty shop was added in 1955 and there was a doctor's office from 1962-72. Maude Yates, Ray's wife, planted flowers at the shopping center and paid to have a large oak moved when the central grassy mall was paved over for parking.

The Violet Crown Shopping Center, on Lamar at Brentwood St., was developed with similar businesses. Later, LaCoste & Romberg, a company that created world-famous gravity meters, was based there from 1957-1980. Across Brentwood St. was a popular roller skating rink call the Capitol Roll Arena.

From Crestview

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