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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wall of Welcome Tiles - 5

Brentwood Park was dedicated in 1952 during a May festival sponsored by the Brentwood Recreation Club. The club held monthly potlucks and raised money for park improvements. In 1954, members planted 48 trees in the park. Many sycamores were transplanted from Onion Creek.

Until the early 1960s, the park offered summer activities for children. The stage outside the school was used for plays, movies, and adult dance lessons. Early on, the pool was drained at night into the arroyo and refilled the next day. In 1955 Brentwood Park was named the city's superior playground.

One parent remembers, "There were no fences and the kids could run anywhere. We didn't know where our kids were, but we knew they were safe."

From Crestview

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